Remodels, Rennovations, Additions and Home Renewals

Remodels, Rennovations, Additions and Home Renewals

When you as a home owner decide that now is time to start your remodel project or new addition, a lot of your personal thought has already been given to concept.

Now is the time to expand your ideas with a professional and Edens Construction has the experience and expertise to help you do it. Before the work begins we will sit down with you and discuss these five topics:
  • The Owner`s Vision
  • Recommendations
  • Project Management
  • Possible Options
  • The Process

This process will guarantee you`ll get the results you envision and you`ll fully understand budget limits, contract details and all other aspects of your dream remodel project.

At Edens Construction our goal is to complete your remodel or addition so that it looks like part of or better than, the original construction.

Our focus on excellence, energy efficiency and attention to detail have allowed us to complete home renewals for clients throughout the Bitterroot Valley who are estatic with the quality and comfort of their renewal projects.

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