Steve Edens Construction
Traditional Frame, Timber-Frame & Log Holmes

Bitterroot Valley General Contractor.

Steve Edens is a Montana licensed general contractor and his company Edens Construction has been building homes in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana for 30 years. As a third generation Bitterrooter Steve takes a special pride in the quality of every home or remodel project he works on and is proud to say his clients have become some of his best friends. Edens Construction specializes in: Frame, Timber Frame and Log homes with prices ranging from less than $100,000 to well over two million dollars.

On all new construction as well as remodels and damage repair projects, we focus on excelence, energy efficiency and attention to detail and have clients throughout the Bitterroot Valley estatic with the quality and comfort of their dream homes.

Steve's personal residence in the Bitterroot is a Frame home built for energy efficiency and outstanding detail and our energy cost, for a family of two with lots of guests, has averaged $32 / month over the last four years. This home won the Bitterroot tour of homes "People`s Choice" award in 2009.

For new construction the best way to get started is for us to just sit down and talk about your vision. Having built more homes in the valley than we can even remember, chances are good that Steve has built something similar in the past and will have ideas and experience that will help you evolve your concept. We work with the best designers and architects in the business and, together with your inputs, we can design a home to fit your property perfectly.

For remodels, additions and damage repair our goal is to build it so that it looks like original construction (better if we weren`t the original contractor). With damage repair we have a lot of valuable experience working with insurance companies and can rebuild your house to the same (and in most cases better) quality than it was in before the damage and all within the insurance companies guidlines and claim coverage.

If you are about to start construction on a new home or have been thinking about remodeling or have damage that needs professional attention, we may be able to help. Please give us a call at (406) 369-1903.

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